Bonds of Blood &Honor

Day 70 - The Search for Wyatt

The party begins to explore Ameth, and find a man freshly hanging from a tree near the center square. They also are able to track down Wyatt’s grandparents, but they, as well as everyone else in the town, are very protective of Wyatt Snow, and it is difficult to get the whole story. Apparently, the hanging man was someone who was looking to rob Wyatt, and was dealt mob justice. They find out from Snow’s grandparents that he has left the town to pursue a career at the wall.

They were told wrong.

They track the paranoid Snow to a ruined guard tower outside of town. He is eventually talked down and convinced to be put into the protection of House Teamus. As they march back to town, there is a scene outside the grain mill. Snow’s grandparents are held at knife point along with Old Jak. The leader demands that Fiona tie up Snow, blindfold him, and send him over, or the grandparents die. After the party hesitates, the grandfather is killed, and Snow demands he be tied, and asks someone else to do it. Jak is thrown to the ground, and the old woman and Snow are escorted south out of town.

The party regroups, while Jerick stays behind, then follows on horseback, with Fiona tracking. They find the old woman’s corpse, her throat also slit open like her husband’s and left on the side of the path. They track down where the group left off into the forest, and they leave their horses to mount an attack. In the fracas, Wyatt is stabbed in the back, and in order to save his life, Alix Maple smacks the horse Wyatt is tussed up on with the flat of his blade. The horse then takes off into the forest at high speed. The party is able to overcome the kidnappers, finds Snow, and takes the horses left by the kidnappers. As they come back to the path where they left their horses, they find their horses are missing, and now must decide what to do next…



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