Bonds of Blood &Honor

Day 77 - Return to Edgeguard

The party gets Maester Hershey to make sure Wyatt is fit enough to travel, then picks up Neil Rivers at Winterfell. Traveling by barge to White Harbor, they then take a boat to Breakeven. During the journey, there has been several hushed whispers and conversations between Jerick & Fiona, Alix & Lewyn, and Mason & Eileen.

Upon reaching Breakeven, they see 4 war galleys in port. They also see many strange, rough looking men, who do not seem very Northern. Upon arriving in Edgeguard, Wyatt is recognized as a member of the Teamus family, and a son of Jolvan. Mason and Eileen are working with Alix to protect Wyatt, who may be in grave danger. Jerick unexpectedly announced his marriage to Fiona. Alix learns what remains of the life he left in Braavos. Lewyn has ‘inherited’ a small army. Mason faces the reality that he might not be the heir of Edgeguard.



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