Bonds of Blood &Honor

Day 81 - End of an Era

Fiona, Lewyn & Alix Maple set out to infiltrate the cave which Fiona is suspiciously knowledgeable about. Lewyn’s army has orders to march north to Edgeguard and meet him there.

Upon entering the basement of Edgeguard, they run into Flynn Blackpeddle, who curiously agrees to aid them, though loyal to Roose Bolton and Jolvan Teamus. He takes several vials of blood dust, and vows to poison the army drinks with it. Lewyn, assuming that even if Flynn doesn’t do it, there’s nothing to be lost at this point. He was gravely mistaken.

Flynn does indeed poison the barrels, and locks himself into his room, knowing what would follow.

The army advances with Lewyn and Eric, and holds outside of arrow range of the castle. Meanwhile, they notice clouds of smoke and chaos on the parapets. They stand dumbfounded, as the action dies down and several men seem to be fleeing on swift horses northwest of the castle.

Meanwhile, Alix & Fiona re-enter through the tunnel, and meet up with Flynn, and they slowly make their way through the castle, viewing the death and carnage surrounding them. Alix and Fiona raise the winch to the main gate, then join Flynn inside the lord’s tower.

Eric leads the army inside and puts any dying members out of their misery, with no though of saving them. Lewyn remains outside with his army, surrounding the castle.

Inside, the things they find our out of a horror film. Jolvan and Lisa have been flayed, and Eilene has been abused to no end. There is no sign of Mason, his mother, or his uncle. There is Eckhard Stone, however, who unsurprisingly survived the carnage, but still affected by the ingested blood dust. He rushes at Alix Maple in a mad rage, but is brought down by Alix, Fiona, and Flynn.

Discouraged, disturbed, and in disarray, the house attempts to put the pieces of itself back together, while Eddard of House Stark rides south to King’s Landing…



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