Bonds of Blood &Honor

Day 69 - Arrival in Ameth

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The party, directed by Lady Meralyn Teamus, go to fulfill Mason’s dying father’s request to bring one Wyatt Snow back to Edgeguard. The party advanced south to Winterfell, and came upon Eddard Stark, leaving with several of his family and guards, heading north to administer justice. They then stayed a night at Winterfell, and headed west into the Wolfswood. They encountered inclement weather, and deep inside the wood, they were ambushed. They killed their attackers.

They came to a raging river, where they were noticed by a woodsman, who dropped his wood upon seeing them and fled into the woods. They forded the stream and soon found the town of Ameth.

The people of Ameth were kind enough, as they party rolled into the common house, owned by Old Jak, who offered them lodging and food. Nobody seemed to know a Wyatt Snow, but rumormongers had some tales to tell once they had their ale. The party’s horses were attended by a stable boy, who was cornered by Jerick, and told that Wyatt Snow left some time ago to head to the wall.



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