Eilene Hart

Distant relation to House Latneau


Eilene Harte is Lady Iris Latneau’s younger cousin, as different from her as day from night in many regards. Eilene is a romantic idealist not yet tarnished by the harsh realities of life in the Seven Kingdoms. Although her house has known war, war has not directly touched her, and Eilene dreams of a realm at peace, where the responsibilities of knights revolve around tourneys and wooing noble young ladies such as herself.


At age 15, Eilene is ripe for marriage, and she knows it. However, there appears to be little political reason to marry her, since Reuban took Lady Iris Latneau as his wife. Eilene went from being second in line to inherit Helmcrest to far below Piper’s family. Realizing this, she decided to get out of Dodge and travel with House Teamus to see more of the world, even if it just ends up being only the North. She also hopes to convince Mason Teamus that she is the girl for him.

Other than her naiveté, Eilene Harte’s greatest fault is her love of gossip. She has already turned many of her new friends into her secret spies, who feed her choice bits of news about the various goings-on.

Eilene Hart

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