Sean Smarty

A bartender and woodsman loyal to House Teamus, whose family has been in service to the house for several generations.


Proprieter of “Smarty’s”, a tavern in the town of Breakeven near the docks. He is easily recognizable by his orange floppy hat, which he won in a card game from a member of House Bolton.


Smarty, a distributor of fine drinks delivered to Breakeven Bay, is quick with a joke, or a light if you smoke. He asks a copper be dropped into the till near the entrance of his tavern if you were satisfied with your visit there. He is rumored to be growing mushrooms in the back room. It is also rumored that he once served in the Baratheon household, but won’t speak of it. He is also a skilled hunter, but has returned to take over his father’s business. Currently, he is serving as a medic for Lord Jolvan, who has fallen ill.

Sean Smarty

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